Our Team


Chris Poulin, ATC, CSCS, PES, PRT, TPI

For more than 20 years, Chris Poulin has been shaping and maintaining the futures of a variety of athletes. In 1996, Chris graduated from Johnson State College with a degree in Sports Medicine and Adult/Corporate fitness. Since his graduation, Chris has earned national certifications in a number of practices, including Athletic Training, Strength and Conditioning, Performance Enhancement, Postural Restoration, and Golf Fitness and Performance.

Throughout his career as a practicing certified athletic trainer, Chris has integrated the principles of postural restoration in all training and treatment programs he designs. This approach has allowed him to gain a better understanding of the human body and its functions. Chris strives to translate this understanding to all of the individuals he works with so you not only improve, but also gain a better understanding of your own body and its unique functions. His certification in postural restoration from the Postural Restoration Institute® has provided Chris the tools to help recognize and treat the underlying causes of decreased performance and not simply chase away symptoms of injuries or dysfunction.