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Physical Therapy can help relieve your chronic back pain Feb15th 2021

A Physical Therapist’s Perspective on Chronic Back Pain

Out of all the conditions we diagnose and treat at our physical therapy clinic, chronic low back pain is one of the most common. We spend a lot of time educating our patients and their loved ones about this broad health condition—including why it happens and how to avoid it. Because here’s the thing a

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Physical Therapy can help relieve your arthritis Feb5th 2021

How Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Your Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain is one of the most frustrating types of pain. It is chronic, it is intense, and it can interfere with just about everything that you like to do throughout the day, from reducing your grip strength to making it difficult to shift between sitting and standing. There are many different types of medications

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We’re Dedicated To Making You Pain-Free! Jan30th 2021

Physical Therapy Can Help With Recovery From COVID-19

Here at Zoan PT in Greenville, SC we offer methods of treatment for patients recovering from COVID-19. As more research is done, it’s being discovered that there are several negative lasting effects from the virus, many of which are causing long term challenges with breathing that can continue for unprecedented amounts of time.  If you

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