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Our team at Zoan Physical Therapy is passionate about helping you to get rid of your pain and perform better. Schedule an appointment with us today. We look forward to partnering with you to better your overall quality of life. Say goodbye to physical pain with the help of our expert clinicians at Zoan Physical Therapy. We specialize in treating individuals who are experiencing pain problems from various causes.

Why Patients Choose Zoan PT!

“Compassionate and Kind”

I am 70 years old and have been running for 40 years. I have had numerous injuries and have seen…

- Tommy Y.

“Very Patient”

Scott has been very patient and encouraging. Reminding me consistency in my therapy will yield the desired result.

- Susan Reed

“Incredibly Knowledgeable”

Incredibly knowledgeable but also listens so well and is caring!! He takes the time to answer all question and gives…

- Hunter Cardinal

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Discover how you can reduce the overall risk of injury while focusing on the body's ability to perform efficiently at peak levels. you can prepare, perform, and recover from sports and allows our bodies to sustain the countless hours of activities associated with our demanding lifestyles.